Once upon a time experiential marketing simply meant handing out some bumper stickers, t-shirts and baseball caps or maybe included hiring promotional staff to give away free samples of a product. But with the rise of social media and hype around customer engagement, experiential marketing has certainly come a long way. Just as traditional advertising can visually or verbally communicate your brand’s benefits, allowing consumers to experience a brand gives them the opportunity to create a memorable and often an emotional connection with a brand. This can give you a big boost in generating brand loyalty. The photos below are some examples of recent experiential marketing activations that we have produced.

Working with us to create an experiential marketing activation can heighten your marketing campaign and add benefits in a number of ways.

  1. It’s a win-win for everyone. From a simple sampling experience to a large scale campaign, people love the feeling of being a part of something. By giving your customers an actual memory or experience with the brand they enjoy, they’re more likely to recommend it to friends and family, ‘follow’ it on social media and become a loyal customer.
  2. Word of mouth travels. Word of mouth recommendations are the best free form of advertising you can get and as more and more people continue using social media the impact grows. When people like (or don’t like) something they typically don’t stay quiet about it. Giving someone a positive experience with your brand and the opportunity to share their experience via social media can result in positive responses that are invaluable to your brand and image.
  3. It provides meaningful feedback.  Experiential marketing opens up the lines of communication between your company and your customers. It invites them to provide genuine interaction with your product or give feedback on your services. Smart brands know that playing a key role in direct conversations with clients gives the opportunity to influence their opinion of a brand, which is pivotal to a successful marketing campaign.
  4. It enhances your traditional advertising campaign. While booking advertising and sponsoring events are a great way to have your brand seen, including an experiential element to your traditional marketing or advertising campaign is truly the best way to connect with customers on a more humanistic level.

Marketing your brand to stand out from the crowd of competitors can be tough. Providing your customers with a memorable experience through brand engagement is only way to stand out. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with experiential marketing at your next event.