For the second consecutive year, EP Agency was engaged by Belvedere Vodka Australia to host 18 of Australia’s top bartenders for a three-day retreat as part of the Global Belvedere Retreat Program.

Being whisked away to a bespoke Belvedere Retreat at Makepeace Island in Noosa to the lush and peaceful rainforest surroundings was the perfect way for the bartenders to unwind from everyday life and focus on their health and wellbeing.

The Australian Belvedere Retreat program included a sublime sunset cruise and private yoga classes. A custom-designed and locally sourced menu was created by the island’s private chef.

Some of the standout highlights of the retreat included guests starting the day with a “Waves of Wellness” surf therapy session with renowned Occupational Therapist Joel Pilgrim, which was then followed by a “Naturalness Masterclass” with award-winning restaurateur Danielle Gjestland.

Guests left feeling rested, revivified and relaxed after their incredible and fulfilling Belvedere Retreat.