Whilst we are slowly returning to life back in the office here at EP Agency, we have been reflecting on the past 12 months; where we are now and where we are headed. One of the biggest differences, besides the obvious, is our inability to offer our robust internship program to budding event professionals. This is a part of the job that we delight in – watching our interns grow over their time with EP Agency, taking on their perspectives, teaching them and hopefully imparting some wisdom along the way!

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we celebrated the conclusion of an internship with a student from UTS who summed it up perfectly for us: “One of the best experiences in my university life ended today. Thank you for offering me an impactful and inclusive internship that introduced and connected me to the real world of Events!” This is what it is all about for us – not only bringing ideas to life for our clients but also engaging with the next generation of event managers.

For a number of us, both past and present EP Agency staff, the best part of our degree at UTS was the professional internship. What better way to experience the industry than to dive headfirst into an agency. An opportunity to get into the industry, get hands-on experience, meet people, network and expose ourselves to the excitement and challenges of the job. For me, it was all about finding who I wanted to be as an event professional.

Today, we fear many university and college students now find themselves at a crossroads, perhaps even questioning if there will be an industry to enter once they complete their studies.

In response to this uncertainty, EP Agency has developed The Breakout – a virtual internship experience for the events industry which we are delighted to be presenting in partnership with Austage Events.

You may be asking yourself, what does a virtual internship look like? For us, the key to a successful internship is providing the student with hands-on experience covering all aspects of event management. That is what we are aiming to deliver to event management students from UTS, Torrens University and ICMS in the format of a live-streamed session on Monday 3rd August.

The 1-hour session will feature leading industry figures addressing key event management topics as well as a live Q&A moderated by the editor of Spice News, Brittney Levinson.

We are thrilled to bring together three seasoned event professionals to present, all of whom are actively working within the industry in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Amy Merriman, Managing Director, EP Agency
  • Aaron Dart, General Manager NSW, Austage Events
  • Darren Taylor, Head Chef & Director, Harvest by Darren Taylor

Our hope is that students will leave the session with a broader view of the industry as well as insights into the future of the industry.

For any other universities or colleges that may be interested in participating, please contact us. We would be delighted to bring this opportunity to as many up-and-coming event professionals as possible!

Watch this space as we delve into the insights shared by our partners following The Breakout!