Australian Energy Market Commission Staff Day

A dynamic agenda providing the perfect opportunity for Government staff to discern key information and meaningfully connect with colleagues.

EP Agency was briefed to design, manage and deliver the AEMC Annual Staff Day for the second consecutive year in Sydney. The key objective was to motivate and empower staff through an engaging employee experience program that incorporated keynote speakers as well as team building and motivational speeches.

Through the theme of Teamwork, Communication and Management, EP Agency engaged award-winning venue The Mint to host this important event. Delegates were greeted with beautiful glass, timber and flowing curved ceiling of the Gold Melting Room as the primary event space. Set up in theatre style for staff to take in the keynote speeches and presentations, the room’s raised main stage and extensive audio-visual facilities ensured seamless management and transitions for the presentations. EP Agency incorporated inspirational speeches, team building activities and networking opportunities, plus an off-site lunch at nearby Aesop’s Restaurant, where delegates enjoyed a delicious Greek lunch, culminating in some fun plate-smashing and the Zorba. 

Delegates were also treated to a team-building activation with Australian Conductor Jonathon Welch, where, in their teams, they were encouraged to participate in various listening and singing activities. The session was a great way to break up the day and increase participation.

Finally, delegates enjoyed keynote speeches and a Q&A from Chairman John Pierce and the Commissioner to update staff on the business of the Energy Market, before Major John Cantwell delivered an informative and engaging motivational speech on his time in the army, expanding on the theme of the day.

Project Scope:
  • Conference management

  • Employee engagement

  • Venue finding

  • Audio visual production

  • Team building activities

  • Keynote speaker

  • Presentation management

  • Delegate management

The EP Agency team are an absolute pleasure to work with. Nothing is ever too difficult or challenging. They are a great team and really do the EP Agency brand proud. The team created a lovely energy with everyone from AEMC which is such an important attribute. Anne was absolutely delighted so a big thank you from me also for supporting a great outcome. EP Agency and AEMC will have a long partnership, I am sure. As mentioned yesterday afternoon, let’s lock in 2018 for similar timing next year!