The Breakout - A Virtual Internship

An innovative, immersive and interactive virtual internship initiated by EP Agency and developed by industry leaders to drive the talent of tomorrow.

EP Agency identified an industry-wide problem amidst the COVID-19 pandemic that further disadvantaged the already significantly affected events industry: Event Management students were unable to complete the required workplace hours of their courses in order to graduate. Internships are a big part of students’ key learning experience but with workplaces requiring teams to work remotely, the opportunity to gain that valuable vocational experience was lost. EP Agency was already working with industry experts to develop a hybrid and virtual events capability, so the team reached out to tertiary education bodies to offer help to recreate the intern experience and provide the accreditation needed to help students graduate.

EP Agency developed a panel broadcast called The Breakout as a learning experience for event management students with restricted opportunities for internships. Chaired by Brittney Levinson of industry-leading Spice Magazine and A-List Guide, the panel united professionals from different sectors of the events industry to share their insights on the landscape today. Featuring EP Agency founder Amy Merriman, Aaron Dart of Austage Events Sydney and Darren Taylor, Head Chef of Harvest it was designed to provide an insight to different facets of the events industry, covering specialist corporate event management, live event management, audio visual production and catering. Watched live over Zoom by students, the panel presented from a pre-built studio with the capability for interaction with panel speakers.

First, Amy Merriman spoke about the impact COVID-19 on the industry, which was felt immediately as lockdowns were announced and events put on hold or cancelled. She discussed how the EP Agency team adapted to the new landscape of corporate events and different ways in which industries’ event preferences will diversify event offerings further. 

Next, Aaron Dart explained the shift from delivering technical production for clients within interesting venues to adapting to shooting from a studio built inside their own warehouse. He took students on a behind-the-scenes tour of the studio, highlighting the level of technical coordination required for a live event. 

Finally, Darren Taylor of Harvest shared how his business successfully pivoted early in the pandemic to deliver pre-packaged food for event needs, rather than providing event catering on a grand scale. During the broadcast, students interacted with various polls led by Brittney, providing the panel with insight to their perspective. The discussion concluded with a Q&A where students delved into the panel’s experience and wisdom. The event was also recorded to be enjoyed beyond the initial live audience.

If you missed out on The Breakout, you can view the entire recording here.

Project Scope:
  • Concept creation
  • Project management
  • Event management
  • Technical production
  • Show calling
  • Stage design
  • Set building
  • Broadcasting
  • Livestreaming
  • Webcasting
  • Content design
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Content editing
  • Community engagement
I wanted to thank you for organising the webinar for our students. It was extremely professional and gave the students a great insight into the events industry. It was fantastic to see the “behind the scenes” segment incorporated into the webinar.