DUAL’s 2024 Steadfast Convention Stand, captivating coastal elegance and maritime charm.

EP Agency was engaged to conceptualise, design, and deliver DUAL’s stand for the Steadfast Convention 2024 held in Brisbane at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

At this year’s Steadfast Convention, DUAL’s stand took on a fresh ambience with a theme of ‘European Nautical’.

The show-stopping ‘European Nautical’ design transported guests to a maritime oasis, with carefully curated decor exuding coastal charm and elegance.

The stand design catered to DUAL’s requirements, consisting of a photo moment with the iconic feature wall showcasing the shores of Lake Garda in Salo, Italy; an engaging activity with the ring toss positioned on the side wall, encouraging attendee participation and interaction, versatile seating, and storage.

Guests were warmly welcomed by the DUAL team to indulge in refreshing cocktails during Networking Drinks. Attendees were treated to a bespoke bar experience with Negroni Gin and Strawberry & Yuzu Spritz cocktails. Adding to the atmosphere of the stand, visitors were treated to custom-designed life buoy and anchor biscuits.

Working with EP Agency again to design an eye-catching and practical European Nautical stand for the Steadfast Conference was a delightful experience. Their attention to detail and innovative ideas set our stand apart from the others. We are grateful to the EP team for going above and beyond to bring our vision to life.