Dressing for success in fashion event management

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. It’s no wonder that so many fashion brands choose to create events and brand activations to showcase their products. There’s no better way to engage an audience and bring new product ranges and season collections to life. Fashion brands always have a strong brand identity that should set them aside from competition. It’s under the guidelines of this brand identity that their fashion event should be brought to life. It could be high-end or mainstream. Great fashion event managers will utilise this brand identity to activate the perfect event. EP Agency has managed events for many different fashion brands, for many different budgets. Here are some things they have learned through their 10 years in the industry:

The theme must follow from the campaign

As ever, the best starting point is the brief for an understanding of the brand’s DNA. Fashion Brand Managers are the guardians of this identity. The strategy in the brief will carry this DNA and form the basis of the event’s theme. The event’s dressing, music and layout must be considered. The location too will play a big part in carrying the theme. A good fashion event management agency will ensure the surroundings serves as the perfect backdrop. When EP Agency was briefed to develop an event for Do Manh Cuong’s collection, the venue choice was key. And where better to run a catwalk show than the Park Hyatt Sydney on the edge of Sydney Harbour! Read the Case Study and watch the Fashion Parade Video here.


The next biggest consideration after brand is logistics. Fashion events need to showcase ranges in the best possible light. This means bringing garments from a controlled environment into one where they need storing before displaying. At the event, they need to look equally as appealing as they do in-store. That’s just one of the logistical considerations needed in fashion event management. Another is the need to create enough space for the visual appeal of the clothing as well as for guests. Event layout and run sheet is often something that takes the most time, but makes the biggest difference on the day.

Models are as important as the clothes

For EP Agency’s event with Do Manh Cuong, it wasn’t only the garments that were flown in – the models were too! This required a high level of coordination and logistical management. For fashion brands, the models are an extension of the brand. They need to be treated in much the same way as the garments both before, during and post-show.

But this isn’t just a consideration for luxury brands. Models were equally important for Workwear Industrial Brands looking to relaunch their iconic brands. EP Agency worked with real tradespeople to ensure the event fit the authentic brand’s look and feel. Complete with the industrial venue, it was touches like this that elevated the event. See the Case Study for more!

Choosing the right fashion event management agency

EP Agency is very experienced in fashion event management as you’ll see from our Customer Brand Experience page.

If you are thinking of activating a fashion show and brand event, EP Agency can help. With vast experience, world-class production skills and fantastic connections, the team delivers memorable and measurable activations. EP Agency is a true partner from concept to execution. They enjoy a reputation that sets them apart, thanks to their meticulous processes and industry relationships. Get in touch using the Contact Us form, by phone on (02) 8356 5600 or send an email to info@epagency.com.au.