A rich and prestigious location for Canberra events companies

When it comes to Canberra events, it’s no surprise that government events make up the lion’s share of those taking place. This creates a knock-on advantage for event agencies planning an activation in the city. The increased standard of venues, catering companies and places to stay makes Canberra an event planner’s dream!

This acts as a great pull for organisations intending to host an event or activate a brand in Canberra. Iconic locations such as Parliament House (new and old), Lake Burley Griffith, the National Triangle and Commonwealth and Kings Park are all accessible for event use. There is also a great range of stylish and niche venues opening up to enjoy. The historic parliamentary buildings are accessible for federal and state government events.

What makes Government events different?

Government events in Canberra require the highest standard of planning and execution. This doesn’t just apply to the event’s content. There are many more considerations that must be incorporated into the fabric of the event. Strict protocols and regulations also run through every government event. Government event briefs can arise from a sudden need, resulting in shorter lead times and an immovable live date. The amount of time usually spent on agencies learning and understanding these protocols can hinder deadlines. That’s why event partners experienced in these protocols can spend more time on planning and executing your event. EP Agency is one such agency. Through the many state and federal government campaigns delivered, the team’s knowledge gets passed to subsequent events.

Networking and entertainment

Another characteristic of corporate Canberra events is a focus on networking. Networking offers a great semi-formal way to further and cement relationships, as well as creating new ones. And what better way to encourage networking than to supply great food and drink in the form of a cocktail event!

Often, guests or delegates visit Canberra from out of town, meaning accommodation needs arranging. Events also tend to span more than one day to allow for interstate delegates. This means that delegates require entertaining between those days. Take the event EP Agency executed with the Australian Reinsurance Risk Corporation. It was hosted over two days and flew in delegates from around Australia and overseas. The EP Agency team was tasked with complex scheduling and logistics to keep delegates entertained. See the Case Study for further information. In relation to other corporate events, this element can take up a large proportion of the event planning.

Thankfully, EP Agency has executed many events in Canberra, as you’ll see from our Government Events & Summits page.

Choosing the right agency for your Canberra Event

If you are thinking of hosting a Government or corporate event or activating a brand experience in Canberra, EP Agency can help. With fantastic connections and vast experience, the team delivers memorable and measurable activations. EP Agency is a true partner from concept to execution. They enjoy a reputation that sets them apart, thanks to their meticulous processes and industry relationships. Get in touch using the Contact Us form, by phone on (02) 8356 5600 or send an email to info@epagency.com.au.